Believe it or not, the hours you spend in bed are more important to your health and fitness than the hours you spend in the gym! As your body rests and repairs itself in the night, it also sometimes gains or loses weight. If you have great metabolism, you always wake up hungry and feeling lighter. But if your metabolism is sluggish, you neither feel hungry in the mornings, nor do you feel light.

Relationship between Sleeping and your Weight

Research has proven that there is a definite relationship between weight and sleep pattern. If you get less sleep, you gain weight. If you oversleep, you gain weight. Optimum level of sleep is 7-8 hours every day.

Eating a protein rich snack or dinner before bed helps in increasing the basal metabolic rate. So grab a protein shake before bed and you will lose weight over a period of time!

Sleep in a chilled environment to lose weight. If the environment is cold, your body uses more fuel to keep itself warm. So turn down the temperature on your AC to zap into your fat stores!

Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Set a sleeping time and try to stick to it. This will help in avoiding late night pizza, and it will help you stay healthy and fit.

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