We have all heard and read how physical activity and exercise is vital for the proper health and also important if you are trying to lose weight. Often people get too motivated, and in their attempts at losing weight, they go overboard with dieting and exercising. The pressure to lose weight and look like a sexy model is so high that people, especially youngsters, often ignore the warning signs, and go on torturing their bodies. Are you one such person?

Signs That You May Be Over-Exercising

1. A workout doesn’t make you feel alive and energised. Instead of releasing the feel-good hormones, exercise leaves you feeling tired and lifeless.

2. Your life starts to revolve around your workouts. Everything else goes on the back-burner!

3. You NEVER miss a workout.

4. If you do miss a workout, you are unable to eat that day.

5. You are irritable and short-tempered.

6. You don’t get much sleep and don’t feel rested ven when you do.

If you notice these symptoms in your life, you are probably overdoing your attempts to lose weight. Try to relax, take it easy and go slow, else you will lose steam halfway and never achieve your goals.

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