As the new year begins, the most common resolution people are working on is related to health. People are either trying to lose weight, or become fitter, or improve stamina, or improve strength. But more than anything else, people are trying to lose the extra weight they gained in the last week of the previous year! Christmas and New Year parties are to be blamed for the year end weight gain due to all that drinking and high calorie eating!

Did you gain some weight at the end-of-year parties too?

Here are a few tips to quickly lose the extra weight you gained in the last 10 days of the last year.

– Start your day with a warm lemon water drink to flush out toxins.

– Watch your portion size. Portion control can be your best ally in quick weight loss over the next 2 weeks.

– Keep yourself well hydrated with regular sipping on water, fresh chach etc.

– Reduce your intake of carbs, focus on vegetables and protein.

– Substitute your regular dinner with soups and salads.

– Avoid eating anything after 6:30 pm.

With these tips you can quickly lose the extra pounds you gained in the last 10 days!


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Lavanya Mehra


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