Heart disease has become very common amongst Indians. Blame it on the diet or the increasingly sedentary lifestyles, but heart disease is here to stay. The problem with most people is that we tend to think that horrible things like cancer and heart attacks will not affect us. So most people are caught unprepared. But it is important to be well informed about health issues so that you can provide timely help to your loved ones, and can also help yourself when in need.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

1. Pain / Discomfort in Chest. Most people who suffer from a heart attack, complain of tightness or pressure and discomfort in their chest. Some people experience a burning sensation. Unfortunately, these symptoms are confused for gas and acidity. But if the symptoms persist, it is best to seek medical help.

2. Sweating and Breathlessness. Profuse sweating, especially when it’s not very hot a big warning sign. Shotlessness of breath is also a sign that should not be ignored.

3. Numb Arms. If the arms feel too tired and keep slipping to the sides, this could be symptomatic of a heart attack.

4. Loss of Response. If parts of the body like neck, shoulder and arms become unresponsive, this could also be indicative of a heart attack.

5. Slurred or Incoherent Speech. Combined with any of the other signs above, slurred sppech also indicates a heart attack and demands immediate medical attention.

Often you may see one of more of these signs, but medical tests reveal nothing as serious as a heart attack. But it is a good idea to seek medical help anyway just to be sure.

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