High blood pressure is known to strike hard at people as they enter their mid-life. A few decades ago, hypertension would strike in 60s. Then it began to strike people in their 50s. Today we see many people in their 40s struggling with hypertension. The main reason is our changing lifestyle, unfortunately it is changing for the worst. We are eating an unhealthy diet and it is coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.

A recent study has revealed that people need 5 hours of exercise every week to fight off hypertension in their mid life. This study observed 5000 adults aged 18-30 years and the study was carried on for 30 years. It was observed that regular exercise that is sustained during 40s and 50s can provide adequate protection against hypertension. This exercise does not need to be hours sweating away at a gym. Any moderate activity will count towards your 5 hours. It could be a brisk walk, a jog, swimming or even dancing. Just go with the flow and try to get your 5 hours of exercise every week!

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