Emotional eating, or binge eating, is one of the most common eating disorders prevalent in the modern world. It is one of the reasons why youngsters are gaining weight and can’t seem to kick it off inspite od fancy fad diets etc.

What is Emotional/Binge Eating?

Try to recall famous Hollywood movies. What happens when the young heroine has been ditched or is heartbroken coz her boyfriend is dead? She wears pyajamas and gobbles up a whole pack of chocolate ice cream. Bingo! That’s emotional eating for you!

How To Avoid Emotional Eating?

1. Look for stress-busters. Emotional or binge eating is just a way to deal with stressful situations by turning to food for comfort. So if you wish to stop, all you need is an alternative way to cope with the stress. Participating in a sport, taking up a hobby, meditation, gardening, playing with a pet, yoga etc are a few ways to beat the stress. Find out what works for you and go for it!
2. Eat Your 4-5 Regular Meals Every Day. Plan your food day every day and don’t forget to have the 3 meals as well as 2 snacks. Once you have all these meals in you, it is unlikely that you will turn to food for comfort.
3. Do Not Take Up Fad DIets. The more you deprive yourself, the more prone you are to emotional eating. Feed your body regularly so that there is no deprivation or starvation.
4. Maintain a Food Diary. Note down everything in your diary, every little morsel that goes into your tummy should be recorded. This will give you better control over your own eating habits.
5. Exercise. We often eat in oder to seek comfort. This is especially true for people who are obese or have a low self esteem due to weight issues. Is you exercise regularly, this can be dealt with in a better and more healthy way.


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