Imagine going through a busy week trying to manage your children’s meals, school and homework with your full time job. The whole week probably runs by and you don’t seem to find time to relax or de-stress. But what happens on Friday? Do you see yourself relaxing with a glass of wine in your hand?

For the first time, alcohol consumption has been glamourized for women in mainstream media. It is no longer taboo, something only ‘bad’ girls do. The stories shown on TV and the big screen are full of women drinking wine, beer or scotch, and nobody bats an eyelid. Alcohol consumption by women is finally acceptable.

This is why many women are falling prey to alcohol addiction. Do you think you might be addicted? Here’s a little quiz to help you find out.

1. Has alcohol ever affected your relationships?

2. Has alcohol ever affected your ability to do your job or fulfill your day-to-day responsibilities?

3. Do you find yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy, because you prefer to stay at home and drink?

4. Do you ever feel a strong craving for drinking alcohol? Are you able to resist?

5. Do you turn to alcohol as a solution for your anxiety or depression?

6. Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you don’t drink?

What do you think?




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