Subs and sandwiches are being marketed to us as healthy and nutritious food items. The pictures of a colorful sandwich with and exotic name written next to it, combined with an affordable price, makes for an attractive buy! Like most other things, this import from the West has been marketed to us as ‘the better choice’. Have you ever wondered how a Sub is better than our roti sabzi?

Is Your Sub Healthy?

This is easy to figure out. Your Sub certainly looks attractive and healthy but here’s is the real deal.

– The vegetables are chopped in morning and used till night. Cstomers are often fed rotting vegetables!

– The bread is not just carb-rich and highly processed, it also contains bleaching agents and other harmful additives.

– The different exotic sauces are full of saturated fats, Sodium, sugar and preservatives.

Now compare this Sub with your humble roti sabzi. Both food choices are made up from similar food groups. Which do you think is a healthier choice?

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