Delhi government has made it compulsory to wear a mask in public. This measure has been taken to control the alarming spread of the COVID-9 pandemic. Maharashtra and Chandigarh have also made the use of face masks mandatory when in public. On one hand doctors are saying that a mask should not be work unless you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with the Corona virus. On the other hand, we have out governments forcing us to wear the masks. What should we do?

Do Masks Help?

Face masks are seen as protection against the spread of germs, vuruses and disease. Here are a few points to know about wearing masks.

– It is essential to wear a mask if you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. This will prevent the spread from you to others.

– If you do not have symptoms, face mask can still serve one function. Wearing a mask will prevent you from touching your nose and mouth. This helps in preventing infection even if you have touched a contaminated surface.

This works only if you follow safe hands practices. Wash your hands regularly and properly with soap. Clearn all surfaces in your home with disinfectant wipes or with bleach – regularly. If you handle paper currency or coins, leave them in a spot for 3 days before putting them in your purse.

So follow the instructions of your government, they are guided by experts and know what is best for us in this time of distress..

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Lavanya Mehra


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