Have you ever heard of Bruxism or teeth grinding? Bruxism is a term for involuntary grinding of teeth which can cause damage to teeth and gums and may also lead to headaches, neck aches and pain in jaw. Dentists report that cases of Bruxism are on the rise since the begging of the pandemic because of high stress levels amongst people.

Stress is the cause behind day time teeth grinding. Teeth grinding may also be caused due to excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine. This makes the jaw muscles hyperactive and leads to grinding. There is another kind of Bruxism – night time grinding which is unrelated with stress. This is the more common kind of Bruxism in children.

The only way to stop grinding teeth and clenching jaws is to make lifestyle changes. Reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Reduce your exposure to stress, or develop healthy stress busters that work or you. Develop a night time ritual that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep for 6-8 hours. Reduce your screen time, especially in the evening. You can support these healthy habits with a mouthguard for night time. These little devices can prevent damage to teeth and gums due to night time grinding. Seek the help of a dentists if nothing seems to work!

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