1. Avoid all Fat. We are led to believe that fat makes us fat. It is largely true if you love to gorge on unhealthy fatty foods like gulab jamuns and fried burgers. But if you talk about healthy fats like nuts and avocados, these go a long way in protecting your heart and support overall health, including weight control.

2. Snacking is Bad. Again, it depends on your choice of snack. If fries and cookies are your thing, you should stop snacking. But research shows that small and frequent meals help in losing weight, if you snack on things like celery sticks, carrots, apples, melons etc.

3. Carbs are the Enemy. No they are not! In fact, carbohydrates are an important part of any well balanced meal. But carbs will lead to weight gain if you don’t choose them well. White rice and white flour will lead to piling on the kilos. But if you switch to brown rice, whole wheat flour, multigrain flour etc, and eat smaller portion sizes, you can never gain weight.

4. An Occassional Detox is Necessary. It is actually just a fad. If you do not drink or smoke, your body will do all the detoxing you need just by natural body processes of the digestive system.

5. Protein is your Best Friend. Protein does help in building muscle and burning more calories. But if you focus on protein and ignore fats and carbs, you are not eating a well balanced diet. Your body needs all the 3 components.

6. Give up the Yummies. You love pizza and common sense says it’s bad for you. You give it up? If you do, you will be under constant strain and will crave it even more. On the other hand, if you promise yourself two slices of pizza every month, or every fortnight, you will find it easy to control your craving and eat in a controlled way.

7. Pop the Vitas. If you eat a healthy and well balanced diet, including lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, you do not need any vitamin supplements.

8. Lose Weight by Restricting Diet. Crash diets work but only for some time, and as soon as you get back to regular meals, you will pile on the kilos again. You cannot lose weight and stay thin without combining sensible eating and healthy exercise.

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