Obesity is the biggest epidemic in our country and successive generations are becoming more prone to it. Naturally, most of us are “always” trying to lose weight. But often efforts go unrewarded. Focussed dieting and working out does not always yield results. This could be because you are doing certain things the wrong way. Memsaab brings you a few tips that could make your efforst more fruitful and help you lose weight.

1. Eat a High Protein Breakfast. People who deal with obesity usually have an underlying insulin resistance issue. This worsens when you consume high carb breakfast after the long fasting duration of the night. Ideal breakfast is 2 eggs on a piece of toast. But you can experiment with other options you like.

2. Don’t Stop Eating. Often girls stop eating enough just because they want to lose weight. But this will trigger the famine effect, in which your body tries to adjust to the reduced food by holding on to whatever it is given. So it is essential that you always eat properly, but by subsituting fattening stuffs with healthy items.

3. Eat Loads of Fruit and Vegetables. Fruit, salad and veggies are great for you because they are very low on calories and yet very filling. They are full of nutrition and give you loads of antioxidants too.

4. Wash the Produce. It is important to wash the fruit and vegetables before use because they are covered with pesticides and toxins. These toxins, if fed to your body, make you unfit and unhealthy.

5. Drink Natural. Fluids are great for your body, especially the simplest drink of water. But you must avoid sodas, including diet sodas. If you crave something sweeter, go for home made lemonade or buttermilk.

6. Pump Iron. Women stand to  lose a lot of flab just by combining aerobic activity with strength training. So you must include weight lifting in your workouts.

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