There are loads of things that you do to improve your health. But did you know that you also do things that spoil your health? Yes, most women have habits which are bad for health. Find out how many you have:

1. Wearing Tight Jeans: This causes clots in your legs, abdominal discomfort, bacterial/yeast infections and has also been linked with infertility. 

2. Wearing the Wrong Bra: If you do not wear a proper bra that is the correct size and offers adequate support, you run the risk of damaging your back and neck muscles. The wrong bra can also ruin the size and shape of your girls.

3. Wearing Sexy Synthetic Panties: Sexy yes, healthy no. Synthetic undies are optimal breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, causing lots of infections down there. Cotton undies, on the other hand, are comfy and also give your privates enough room for air.

4. Wearing High Heels: Much has been said about this, yet women don’t take it seriously. High heels may be sexy but they damage your back, and harm the joints in your hips, knees and ankles.

5. Toting a Big handbag: Most women carry heavy bags everywhere they go, as if they would definitely need their books, makeup, jewellery, mirrors and other stuff. But this habit is harmful for the back and your muscular health.

6. Following Fad Diets: Every time there’s a new diet doing the rounds of gossip, all the girls want to try it once. But do they ever work? They don’t because a good diet requires focus and persevarence. Fad diets that make you go hungry or abstain from certain food groups are very bad for your health.


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