Most people blame bad genes for weight gain, but the truth is our ancestors were never as fat as we are. Since we got our genes from them, it is hardly logical to blame it on the genes! The real culprit is an unhealthy diet and unhealthy habits. One of these habits is watching a lot of TV, especially while eating!

5 Ways TV Is Making Your Fatter!

1. Watching advertisements of snacks and sugary drinks makes you crave for food even if you are not hungry.

2. TV makes you just lie down or sit on the couch for hours, inactive like a potato.

3. When you watch TV while eating your meals, you tend to eat more.

4. Having a TV in your bedroom interferes with sleep. Often people prfer watching their favorite shows to getting their proper dose of beauty sleep. This also affects body weight.

5. TV makes you choose wrong snacks. You hardly ever watch anyone eating an apple on TV. They push fatty snacks and you just consume like a robot.

If you wish to lose weight, just switch off the TV, or at least cut down your TV time.

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