Childhood Obesity is fast becoming an epidemic that’s just as bad as adult obesity. As our kids are becoming more and more technologically advanced, they are also becoming less and less physically active. Reduced levels of activity, reduced social interactions, junk food and a generally lethargic lifestyle are all contributing factors to childhood obesity.

How To Protect Your Kids Against Obesity

1. Feed them at regular intervals and make your meals more colourful, imaginative and tasty. Don’t let them go hungry otherwise they will indulge in binge eating.

2. Reduce the salt in the food that you cook, thereby reducing the salt intake of your entire family.

3. Make sure there is enough protein and fibre in your child’s diet. Reduce the intake of fried or fast food.

4. Encourage physical activity. You can do this simply by playing sports and games with your children.

5. Always be ready with home cooked nutritious snacks so that your child is not attracted to colas, cips etc.

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