Losing weight is the single most common obsession found in our country. It is so simple because we have so many people struggling with weight in our country. We are not a fit country, and this is why anything related to weight control is in demand. So people are trying out new types of exercises, gym memberships, workout videos, cookery classes, weird diets etc. But for most people, losing weight is a challenge, and keeping it off it a much bigger challenge.

Here are 5 Ways to Lose Weight that Cost Nothing, are Uncommon, Yet are Effective

1. Swap your dinner plates for a smaller size. This will help you in exercising portion control without feeling unstatisfied. A filled up plate is what your mind wants – so give it that. Just reduce the size of your plate. It is worth mention that even colour of your plate affects how much you eat. Try to eat from a plate that is contrasting in colur with the colour of your food.

2. Add protein to every meal. It will keep you fuller longer, help in burning fat and thereby reduce weight. So you can add any protein you like – tofu, beans, boiled chana, fish, eggs, chicken etc.

3. Add a huge portion of fibre rich salad to your meals. These green and red items will brighten your plate, give you loads of vitamins, and fill you up nicely without adding many calories to your meal.

4. Eat eggs for breakfast. A protein rich breakfast helps in regulating hunger pangs throughout the day. It gives you energy and improves metabolism.

5. Try to live a life like your grandma. So avoid binge eating, drinking, late nights and sedentary lifestyle!

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Lavanya Mehra


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