Winter is approaching and this is the time we take out our cute sweaters and jackets. Most people love winters – simply because it’s not hot scorching summer any more! Women especially enjoy winters because winter fashion is so much fun! But one thing that puts a dampner on winter fun is that  lot of people gain some weight over the winter months.

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

1. One reason you gain weight in the winter is that body becomes sluggish. You avoid going out, enjoy lying in bed and so on. This can be avoided simply by taking up an activity. Join a gym, hook up with a friend to go for a jog daily etc. Make at least 30 minutes of activity in your daily time table.

2. Second reason why people gain winter weight is that all fried yummy snacks like Samosa and Kachori taste even more awesome in the cold season. Draw up weekly menus and keep a spot for fried snacks every week. But teach yourself to stick with just one snack every week! This disciplined approach will let you enjoy without feeling guilty and you will also keep it under a limit.

3. Make sure to get ample protein in your breakfast. If you are a vegetarian, do for tofu or chickpea or dl based breakfast. Having protein in the morning meal will keep you fuller for longer and you can avoid mid-meal snacking.

4. Winters are the time when people go crazy about nuts. You should enjoy nuts too, but learn portion control. Almonds and pistacchios are not meant to fill your belly. Nuts are high energy food and you should never consume more than a fistfull in one day. Walnuts are a better choice as they are great for heart health.

5. Keep yourself warmly dressed at home, wear socks etc. This will control the desire to lie down in a blanket. If you are warm, you will be more active and go around doing chores etc.

These tips should help you in avoiding winter weight this year!

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