Fitness, good health and good body is not just about exercising or dieting all the time. Some people are naturally  thin, but even they need to have some fitness routine. Others, who are overweight, especially need to cultivate good health or fitness habits. What are these?

Fitness Habits (Besides Exercising and Diet Control)

1. Drink plenty of Water. Good hydration is essential for good health.

2. Get plenty of Sleep. Your body and mind both need proper rest every day to recharge the batteries just like your mobile phone!

3. Get Intimate. Sex is not just a great workout but also has other benefits for you. 

4. Eat loads of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. The nutrients found in fresh fruit and veggies are essential for growth and development of children, and for good health of adults too.

5. Never Overeat. Overeating is the worst health-habit you could have. Even if you exercise a lot, you undo all the benefits just by overeating, it’s that bad!

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