Modern relationships are very difficult. In addition to all the relationships problems that older generations dealt with, we now have to deal with social media too! So it is not uncommon for couples to feel ‘out-of-love’ or ’emotionally distant’ or ‘incompatible’ after a whirlwind romance. But with love and understanding, all can be conquered. Here are 5 stages that every romantic relationship goes through. If you understand these, you will be able to sail through your journey no matter which stage you are in!

5 Stages of Romance

  1. The Trance. This is the initial honeymoon period when you have just started dating. This could also be the first phase after an arranged marriage. You find each other cute in little ways. The physical attraction is so over-powering that it blinds you to everything else. Enjoy this phase while it lasts!
  2. Eye-Opener. The honeymoon phase ends when you begin to notice little things you find odd in your partner. You begin to notice things that irritate you or even make you feel slighted. You are still in love but your eyes are slowly opening to the fact that he is not perfect and same is true about your relationship.
  3. Disillusionment. Phase 3 is complete realization of what you are up against. This is the period in which you know exactly how your life is going to look like with your partner. Your future is chalked out in front of you and it is for you to decide if you like what you see in your future or not! There is no pretense any more. You both know each other completely – the good and the bad!
  4. Final Decision. This is the phase where you both come to a final decision about this relationship. Do you both value each other and your relationship enough to make it last? Or are you too incompatible to stay together at all?
  5. Long Lasting Love. This is what you get after you emerge from Phase 4 with a yes! If you emerge from the previous phase successfully, there is not much else that will threaten your love and bond with each other. Congratulations, you are in it for life!

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