There’s a new fad diet every month. Compulsive weight-watchers always have to go on each diet to find out if it works. This is what I also did till some time back. I found myself caught in the cycle of fad dieting-binging-fad dieting. It was only when my husband encouraged me to stop dieting, that I realised how foolish it really was. Now I know, from personal experience, that diets never work. Here’s why:

1. You cannot be on a diet forever. There will be a time when your body will want to be treated to delicious foods that it enjoys. That is when you will binge. The never-ending cycle of dieting and binging makes sure that you will not lose weight.

2. Dieting leads to malnourishment. When you go on a fad diet, it will invariably block out certain food groups. It could be fats or carbs or something else. But blocking out food groups leads to malnourishment. You might end up deficient in minerals or vitamins.

3. Dieting decreases your rate of metabolism. When you are constantly on a diet, your body goes into the “famine mode”. In this mode, your body will try to store energey in the form of fat instead of burning it up for regular activity. You will only end up fatter.

4. Dieting can lead to serious disorders. Many compulsive dieters fall prey to eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating and binging. None of these is good for your health.

5. Dieting destroys your self worth. Women who try to lose weight with dieting start to measure their worth in the terms of their weight and looks. Ultimately, it leads to loss of self worth. Such women start berating themselves for having an enjoyable meal.

Don’t you think dieting has more negative effects than benefits? If you respect yourself and care for your health, promise yourself to never go on a diet again. If you think you need to lose weight, try to eat smart and get proper exercise. Go for a lifestyle change instead of going on a fad diet.

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