Have you ever woken up with a headache? If yes, chances are this happened on a weekend or on the monring of a big day for you. Why do we sometimes wake up with massive headaches? Here are a few reasons, find out which of these are true for you.

Reasons You Have a Monring Headache

1. You had a lot to drink last night. A hangover is the most common and most well known reason for morning headaches.

2. You could not sleep last night. Insomnia is another big reason why your head might hurt in  the morning and throughout the day!

3. You overslept! Yes, just like not sleeping enough, sleeping too muh can also cause headaches. This happens because oversleeping caue level of Serotonin to decrease, thereby reducing flow of blood to the brain and causing headaches.

4. You did not get your brew on time! Whether you drink tea or coffee, if you don’t get it on your regular time in the morning, you will get a headache.

5. You have Hypertension. A high blood pressure also causes headaches.

So if you are sleeping 7-8 hours in the night, getting your caffeine fix on time and not drinking in evenings, your morning headaches might require medical attention, so go see a doctor.

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Lavanya Mehra


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