For Rocky-Rambo fans, the sights of Sylvester Stallone practicing his blows is enough of a reason! The Hollywood hunk makes those jabs look so easy and impressive that almost everyone watching feels like trying some kicks and blows. But if Sylvester doesn’t work for you, perhaps our own desi Rambo, Sunny Deol could motivate you? Naah?

If actors and celebs cannot motivate you to try kickboxing, perhaps some facts will. Knowing a little bit more about kickboxing might inspire you to give it a shot. Here are 5 reasons why you should try kickboxing:

1. Kick-Boxing Helps You Lose Weight: There is no denying this one! Kickboxing is a great cardio-vascular for of exercises that can burn between 300-350 calories in one hour. It is a high-intensity workout that works effectively, on both upper and lower parts of your body. If you need to lose weight, kickboxing is definitely the way to go!

2. It Is A Great Form Of Self-Defense: As crimes against women shoot up in almost every city of our country, women need to be more self-reliant for their protection. Kick-boxing is an excellent form of self-defense. As you learn to deliver punches and blows, you become a tough opponent for anyone acting funny with you!

3. It Tones Your Body: As almost all the muscles of your body get worked out in kickboxing, you begin to look toned. In an age where celebs starve themselves and do punishing crunches just to look lean and toned, this could be your shortcut to the glam-doll image!

4. Kick-Boxing Beats STRESS: Remember the movies where the male protagonist is kicking a sandbag to vent his frustration? That could be you! When you feel stressed out, angry or frustrated, kickboxing can help you calm down and relax. The feel good hormones are released with a good session of kickboxing and you start feeling relaxed.

5. It Does Not Require Much: Neither do you need a partner or a team, nor do you need a lot of equipment. You can in fact, start doing it right in your house. Kickboxing does not require much investment. You could do it at home, in the gym or even in a park.

So what are you waiting for? Put on those boxing gloves NOW!

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