Modern urban India is so used to living in an air-conditioned environment, that most of us hardly sweat at any time of the day. We go from an air-conditioned home to an air-conitioned office and come back, commuting in an air-conditioned car or metro. Neither do we get any fresh air in the summer months, nor do we engage in any activity that might help us break a sweat!

So Memsaab brings you 5 reasons why you should immediately turn off the air-conditioning and try to reduce your dependence on ACs.

1. Sweating is great for your skin. It cause pores to open up, unvlogs them and removes all the dirt trapped inside. This results in a glorious clean and clear skin.

2. Sweat is the body’s mechanism of getting rid of toxins trapped inside. So whether it is the remains of alcohol consumed, excess salt or other chemicals, sweat helps in flushing them all out. 

3. Sweating also reduces the temperature of the body. This is exactly why doctors advise that a person with high fever should be covered in blankets to induce sweating. As the sweat evaporates it causes cooling and the temperature goes down.

4. Sweating is also said to reduce the chance of developing kidney stones as the body is regularly flushing out toxins.

5. It also saves a lot of money spent to pay the power bills, if you reduce the use of air-conditioning!

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