Curd or dahi is an integral part of our food culture. But as the society is going through a metamorphosis due to globalization, our food culture is also under attack. Today’s generation prefers to eat pizza, burger, pasta and sandwiches more than they like traditional Indian food. If they want to be healthy, they start eating salad. But they do not want to eat dahi khichdi or daliya!

This is why the culture of eating dahi is also seeing a downturn amognst youngsters. But did you know that dahi is one of the healthiest foods on planet? Here’s how…

1. It improves gut bacteria. This is why it feels especially good after you have been ill. It restores bacteria in your gut.

2. It is a good source of Calcium, Phosphorous and Protein!

3. It helps in improving digestion. It is the easiest way for body to absorp nutrients.

4. It can used in various ways. Add it to your curries or use it in raitas or eat it as dessert!

5. Dahi is also used as an important ingredient in skin care routine and also for hair care!

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Lavanya Mehra


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