All mothers encourage their children to  learn something from Popeye, they all want their kids to eat more of Spinach. But do you realise that Spinach, or Paalak, is also very beneficial for you? Mothers tend to ignore their own health, while focussing on their family’s. So here’s a  little reminder why Spinch MUST be a part of your diet too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Spinach

1. Spinach is great for bone strength and also fights off cancer. The nutrients in Spinach make it a fighter against Osteoporosis.

2. Spinach is rich in Folate, which helps in repairing and healing the cells and tissues in the body.

3. The Magnesium in Palak helps in combating bloating and other symptoms of PMS.

4. Spinch is very rich in Iron, like all green leafy vegetables. This is one of the basic building blocks of good health.

5. Spinach helps in weight loss since it is very rich in nutrients but has virtually no calories.

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