Do you feel like closing the curtains/blinds on a hot sunny afternoon? We love to shut out the sun and relax in cool shade inside our homes. But did you know that by shutting out the sun, you are causing damage to your own health and to that of your family too?

5 Reasons Why You MUST Bring Sunshine Into Your Home

Right from the first light of early morning till the sun fades away, you should allow sunlight and sunshine into your home. Here’s why:

1. Your day will start better with a bright and cheerful mood.

2. Sunlight kills bacteria and germs in your home.

3. Sunlight warms up your tissues, chronic pains and aches seem to reduce.

4. Your body is able to produce more Vitamin D, improving bone health.

5. Your dependence on artificial light comes down. This is good for environment and also for your pocket!

So the next time you feel like closing the curtains, don’t do it for a lengthy period of time!

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