Depression is a state of mind, but it is not as unrelated to our physical well-being as you may believe. Our physical, mental and emotional well-being are all intertwined. This is why they say a healthy mind resides in a healthy body! There are 5 distinct reasons why most people fall prey to depression, and these are:
Reasons Why You May Be Depressed

1. Not Getting any Exercise. Being lazy makes you overweight and also makes you eat more. The combination is a lethal one, and a surefire recipe for depression. 
2. Bad Diet. A diet poor in Omega 3 fatty acids is not conducive for the good health of our brains. If you do not eat game, or seafood, you should look for supplements in order to avoid depression and other mental health problems.
3. Lack of Sleep. An overworked brain that refuses to go to sleep can only mean poor brain health. Like your body, your brain also needs rest. If you deny the rest or fall prey to insomnia, depression and other mental ailments (like hallucinations) are bound to occur. Having a sleep-time routine helps the body in sticking with the biological clock and sleeping properly for 7-8 hours.
4. Stress and Overthinking Things. Everyone has problems in their personal and professional lives. But when you can’t seem to let go, it causes depression. Having too many negative thoughts or dwelling too much on problems is a cause for depression.
5. Loneliness. Being isolated from friends and family is recipe for disaster! Even if you enjoy your own company the most, it is ideal to have some people who you enjoy spending time with, and who you can share your problems with. If you are completely isolated, you are on the path to depression! 


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