Banana is a humble fruit that has also often been called the fruit of poor as it is cheaper than most other fruit. Yet banana has often been maligned as causing obesity. But the fact is that eating a banana will never make you fat. In fact, bananas have so many advantages that you should make it a part of your daily diet.

1. It is rich in Potassium. Did you know that Potassium is a great ally if you are trying to control blood pressure or battling heart disease.

2. The high Calcium content of bananas makes it a great choice for middle aged women who are prone to decreasing bone density.

3. It can actually help with weight loss! If you exchange all the junk you eat with bananas, you will lose weight more easily. This is because even one banana will make you feel fuller than a bag of chips. Just compare the calories!

4. Bananas have high levels of Vitamin B6. This is why they increase production of white blood cells, thereby improving your immunity and strengthening the nervous system.

5. High fibre content of bananas helps in soothing constipation. Being rich in Pectin, bananas also help in detoxifying.

Besides this, bananas are great energy devices for people who work out. They help women with PMS and elevate the mood. Some people even swear by fever reducing properties of bananas!

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