We work to survive and to get a proper livelihood in this busy run of position and prosperity. Every person is running after a job to get money and position. Well, it’s okay to do a job but it is also important that we take care of our health while indulging into various responsibilities when it comes to office and jobs. In real there are some jobs that can harm your health and degrade your immune system.

Here below are the 5 most damaging jobs for your health:

  • Dentist: At the top of this list is dentists, dental surgeons and dental assistants. The amount of menace in this job comes from probing and treating patients who have or may have diseases and injuries putting the risk of coverage to contaminants. The job also involves a lot of sitting and sometimes requires a lot of patience and indulgence of time.
  • Call center: Calling center is another monotonous job that put a person in a situation where he or she cannot explore the possibilities of opportunities. This job creates headaches and major back problem. Since call center jobs are mostly for night shifts that make you insomniac and reduce the amount of sleep that you need in the night.
  • Flight Attendants: Being a member of a crew may sound exciting but this job exposes you to multiple forms of contaminations and infections. There are also possibilities of minor cuts and bites.
  • Veterinarians: Veterinarians are the most prolific job holders in the world but this job contains a high level of risk when it comes to exposure to animal germs and viruses. With the job comes the risk of exposure to disease, contaminants and the risk of cuts and bites.
  • Stationary engineers and boiler operators: Stationary engineers and boiler operators are exposed to environmental hazardous chemicals from the down below the earth surfaces. This jobs also expose to the risk of small burns and minor cuts.

Well, now before running with the crowd for a job, analyze and then run for the race.

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