We are aware of the Trans fats that we consume with our regular diet chart. Recently the consumption of items which include Trans fats have decreased a lot, yet there are food items that have a concentration of trans fats in their making to make the item more soft and tasty.

Food makers use Trans fats to augment taste and softness that make foods last longer. Regrettably, that’s not all Trans fats do. They also amplify risk for many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Here below we have 5 common food items that are high in Trans fats.

Cakes and cookies: As yummy as it tastes the major component used in its making has a percentage of Trans fats in it. Most cakes and cookies mix list 0 grams of Trans fat on the label. But, manufacturers can list 0 grams if the Trans fat content is under 0.5 grams. A small amount of Trans fat add up when one eat cakes and cookies on a regular basis several times.

Biscuits: It is true that frozen biscuits have about 3.5 percentage of trans fats. Moreover, biscuits often contain over half of the daily recommendation for sodium. So, avoid eating biscuits with trans fats as its ingredient.

Frozen Pizza: If you think eating pizza is all about taste then you do not have an idea of what more it offers to our body. Frozen Pizzas are high in sodium and have about 4.2 percentage of trans fats as an ingredient that can impose danger to your body.

Popcorn: Butter flavoring can include 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving, while caramel flavoring can contain as many as 1.5 grams. Stay away from heated popcorn.  

Peanut butter: Some companies use hydrogenated oils to attain a long shelf life and creamy texture. To be safe, opt for the natural variety peanut. Most of the peanut butter sold in the market has trans fats in its contents.

Above few are the food items that are high in trans fats. Avoid eating them all.


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