Planking is a form of exercise that has gained immense popularity in recent times. Its origins lie in the ancient practice of Yoga. If you look at a person holding the plank position, you will think that it is a fairly simple and easy form of exercise, so why all the ruckus around it! But there is nothing easy about planking!

Here are a few Health Benefits of Regular Planking

1. Simple Exercise, Easy to Begin. Planking requires no equipment, gym membership, or any other expense. You can do it at any time of the day, in your bedroom, in your pyjamas!

2. Strengthens the Core. Planks use your own bodyweight to strengthen the core muscles in your body.

3. Regular planking improves your posture. This helps in improving confidence and preventing sport-related injuries.

4. Reduces Pain. Regular planking reduces incidence of back, neck and shoulder pain. This is a result of the conditioning od your core muscles due to planking.

5. Planks improve the body’s metabolism. As you burn calories at a quicker pace, your body becomes fitter and leaner.

If you are convinced that you should be planking, start with a simple forearm plank. If you are average in your fitness levels, you should be able to begin with a 30 second plank. Slowly try to increase your plank duration over the weks that follow. You should aim to plank for 5 minutes a day eventually. This will help you improve your flexibility and endurance in the long run!

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