The dangers of eating too much sugar are so well known today that we often see even teenagers reading food labels and checking their sugar intake. Eliminating sugar from your diet is neither possible nor good for your health. But eliminating added sugar from your life is certainly possible and may turn out to be the best decision ever!

Added sugar is the sugar that does not occur naturally in food. So all the desserts, sweetened drinks, bakery items like bread etc will have to be eliminated. In fact, if you eat wholesome natural food like sabzi roti and dal rice, you are already consuming less added sugar. You will have to switch to tea or coffee without sugar, you will even have to eliminate all desserts from your life. Even if you cannot do this for life, try doing this for a month and see what it does to your body. 

Here is what to expect:

– Weight loss efforts begin to bear fruit.

– Better and more restlful sleep.

– Improved focus.

– Higher energy level.

– Reduced bloating.

Eliminating added sugar for a longer period of time can also reduce the risk of Diabetes, certain cancers and obesity. It improves skin and also reduces cravings. Even reducing your consumption of added sugars can yield some benefits. So think about it and take up the challenge!

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Lavanya Mehra


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