Even if you believe you are doing everything right, you may still end up gaining weight! Healthy habits, exercise, diet care etc can all go down the drain, leaving you surprised and disappointed! Read on to learn more about the secret enemies of weight loss that will make you stumble every now and then on your weight loss journey!

4 Reasons Why You May Gain Weight Without Meaning To

  • Not Getting Your Zzzzzzzzzs is a really bad thing for your health. What’s worse is that this nasty habit can make you fat. So work on getting your 7-8 hours of nightly sleep to stay in shape physically and mentally.
  • Stress is a buzzkill when it comes to health. We all deal with stressful situations all through life. It is important to lean to deal with stress and to live with it without allowing the stress to affect your health.
  • Emotional eating or binge eating can also ruin all your efforts. Learn to keep your emotions separate from your food consumption. Staying hungry for long periods of time leads to binge eating, so feed yourself and DO NOT DEPRIVE!
  • Hormonal problems can be at the root of weight gain. If the kilos are creeping up on your for no apparent reason, see a doctor to have your Thyroid level checked. PCOS is also a leading cause of unintentional weight gain and infertility amongst women.

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