Strength training has suddenly become very popular. Women are no longer happy being slim. We want to be strong, because strong is the new sexy! This is why gyms are crowded with young girls lifting weights and doing other strength building exercises. If you are also thinking of improving your core strength, go for weight training. But before you begin, here are 4 Funds you must know.

4 Fundas of Weight Training for Newbies

1. Nutrition is very important. Throw out all the junk food you eat nd focus on wholesome nutritious meals. Your body needs healthy carbs, fats and lots of protein for this kind of workout and the muscle building.

2. Warm up and Cool down are both very importnt. If you want to work out safely, do not omit either of these from your regimen.

3. Start small. You may feel like you can do more, but do not push yourself too much in the beginning. Let your body get used to strength training, then slowly build up your goals.

4. Do not get obsessive. Do not aim for a six pack in 6 weeks. Do not aim to look like a hot Diva on the TV. Focus on getting good workouts regularly but do not make working out your only aim in life!

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