If you or a family member needs surgery (and it is the first time for you), you will find that there is lot of things you did not know about health, hospitals and surgeries. But there are 3 things that you must remember to tell your doctor before a surgery. If you hide or forget to tell these things to your doctor, your health and the outcome of surgery can both suffer.

3 Things to Tell the Doctor Before Surgery

1. Have you ever had a belly piercing?

Even if you don’t wear a belly ring or stud any more, your doctor needs to know if there has ever been a piercing. This is important because surgeos often use the belly button to get inside your abdomen with their tools. But if the bellybutton has been pierced in the past, that means there is scar tissue and possibly bacterial growth that could complicate the surgery.

2. Do you take effervescent antacids?

As you might be aware, doctors will always tell patients to not take any aspirin before the surgery. This is because aspirin is a blood thinner and can cause bleeding complications during/after surgery. Effervescent antacids also contain doses of aspirin. So if you have taken one before the surgery, make sure you tell your doctor.

3. Do you use nasal decongestants?

Even though these are easily available, you cannot take these decongestants for long periods of time. If you do, you become dependent. This means as soon as you stop using them, blood vessals in nose become engorged and cause difficulty breathing. If you undergo surgery in such a condition, it can be dangerous. So try to wean yourself off nasal decongestants before a surgery. 

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