There are 3 supected cases of deadly Ebola virus in Delhi. The authorities are still testing, and are keeping a strict watch on all flights coming from Africa into Delhi and Mumbai. But we have all seen the mayhem caused by this deadly virus in Africa, and it is a scary prospect that Ebola might have arrived in India! So what can you do to protect yourself and your family?

How to Prevent Spread of Ebola Virus?

The Ebola viru spreads through a patient’s body fluids i.e. blood, vomit, urine, saliva and sweat. It can also spread through bushmeat. Healthcare workers need to wear protective equipment when treating Ebola patients or even supected cases.

The symptoms are same as Malaria or Cholera, so one needs to be cautious if someone in the family comes down with fever, vomitting and diarrhoea.

It is important to be careful when handling the beddings and clothes of a patient.

It is extremely important to isolate anyone who is being treated for Ebola or is being tested for it. The virus spreads very quickly and is very dangerous for everyone who comes in contact with a patient.


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