Has it ever occured to you that the temperature of your bedroom affects your health? For most people, the temperature is all about comfort – some people prefer it to be warm and cozy, others prefer it to be nice and cool. What do you prefer?

3 Reasons Why the Temperature of Your Bedroom Should Be Low

Experts say the ideal temperature for your bedroom at night is between 15-20 degrees. It may be a little chilly for some people, but it has some benefits!

– You sleep well. Sleep is induced when the body temperature falls down, if you sleep in a colder room – this happens naturally. You sleep quickly and enjoy restful sleep without waking up all the time.

– This is good for your health. Sleeping well at night in a cold room will reduce the production of stress hormone Cortisol, which is linked with weight gain. People who sleep in lower temperatures burn more calories and hence the risk of metabolic diseases is reduced.

– It keeps you younger! Higher temepratures reduce the production of Melatonin, which is an anti-ageing hormone. So if you want your best defences against ageing working for you, lower the temperature in your bedroom!

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Lavanya Mehra


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