It is a common sight to see people walking in parks, malls, streets etc, frequently peering into the screens of their fitness trackers, checking if they have hit their goal. If you were to believe fitness tracker companies, anyone who hit the goal of 10,000 steps a day would become slimmer within a month. But is this true? Is 10,000 steps really a magic number that aids weight loss?

Experts say this is not true. Hitting 10,000 steps a day is certainly good for your health. But it is no magic cure for obesity. You can use your fitness trackers to aid weightloss. But 10,000 steps might not be the goal you need. For most people this step count can only be used to maintain the current weight. You need to hit it harder to achieve more. 

What to Do?

The best thing is to combine your 10k steps with a good diet and throw in some strength training 3 times a week. If strength training is not possible, throw in an extra 2000 steps daily. If you still do not see any results, throw in another 2k steps. Keep going till it works!

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Lavanya Mehra


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