We all have abs (abdominal muscles) but we cover them up with layers of fat and they become invisible. When you see sexy abs on a famous actor, what you are actually seeing is the result of a lot of hard work, determination and healthy eating. Do you want sexy abs too? Here is a 100 day challenge which will result in a sexier you, with sexy abs. Maybe not a full six or eight pack, but you will see the beginnings of your desired abs.

Here are the five exercises you need to do in this challenge.

1. Dead Weight Lifts. As shown in the picture, this is a girl’s best friend when it comes to exercises. It gives a great shape to buttocks and abs. Maintain correct posture at all t imes.

2. Squats. These are the best workout for your core, they give excellent shape to legs and hips.

3. Planks. Isometric contraction will strengthen your core muscles.

4. V Sit Ups. A great exercise to work those abs!

5. Twisting crunches. Add a dash of extra spice to your crunches, working out the abs even more.

When doing the first 2 exercises, use a weight that you can work with throughout the workout without compromising on posture or technique. You can inrease the weight gradually.

The circuit you need to follow is:

25 repitions of all 5 exercises.

Rest for a minute.

Follow with 15 reps of exercises.

Rest again for a minute.

Now 10 repitions of all 5 exercises.

If you do this circuit training exercise for 100 days, you will see a massive change in how your middle looks. But you do need to watch what you eat as well! So go for it gals!

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