If you follow celebrities or news on Instagram, you must have come across the term JLo’s 10 day challenge. What is this challenge?

Jennifer Lopez, along with Alex Rodriguez recently took a 10 day eating challenge and urged friends and fans to take up the challenge with them. The challenge is very simple – no sugar and no carbs for 10 days. JLo has posted pictures of her sexy abs on the Gram and these pictures are inspiring fans all over the world! It seems like everyone is now talking about this challenge and sharing their experience with it. Many people claim to have lost a lot of weight while doing the challenge and some claim that they keep losing weight even after finishing the challenge.

JLo did not even consume dairy and fruit while she did the challenge. This will indeed get you the best results. But what if you are a vegetarian? Your options will be extremely limited and you may want to consider dairy as an option. To do this challenge, you can rely on non-starchy vegetables, eggs, tofu, meat, chicken etc. You cannot have any grains, fruit or starchy vegetables. 

Are you game?

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