Shekhar Kapur: If Paani gets made, I will dedicate it to Sushant Singh Rajput |

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur wants late actor Sushant Singh Rajput to be remembered forever through a work of his that he has always considered very special.

Kapur is hopeful that someday his ambitious film "Paani" will be made, and when that happens he would like to dedicate the film to Sushant's memory.

Kapur is hopeful that someday his ambitious film
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The filmmaker had signed the late actor as the male lead for the film, but it got shelved. "If you want to journey with the Gods, or your creativity, you have to walk each step in devotion. In humility. God willing Paani will get made one day. If it does, I will dedicate it to Sushant. But it has to be made with partners that walk in humility, not in arrogance," Kapur tweeted on Wednesday.

The cryptic last line of his tweet seems like a hint at the fact that "Paani" got shelved owing to Kapur's creative differences with Aditya Chopra, chairman of the mighty Yash Raj Films, production house that was producing the film.

The cryptic last line of his tweet seems like a hint at the fact that
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Reacting to Kapur's tweet, netizens encouraged the filmmaker to complete the film and suggested him to get it crowd-funded instead of depending on a producer. "Dear Shekhar Sir, why not use crowd funding as an alternative? Will be a tight slap on the production houses and those who thought they run the show," commented a user. "Shekhar, there are many well educated people in India and overseas who'd love to support your most ambitious project if dedicated to #SushantSinghRajput. Idea: What if the budget for this entire movie were raised via crowdfunding? Screw big producers. It's doable - think abt it," suggested another user.

"But it should have been made with Sushant when he was alive. Now it’s useless.

Dedicating him the movie which wasted so much time of his career is utterly useless. A film so connected to Sush, and if he won’t be there in it, then no one will watch it," announced a fan of the late actor. Sushant Singh Rajput, who had been signed to play the film's lead, passed away in Mumbai last month. He was found hanging at his residence on June 14. Postmortem report stated that the actor committed suicide. Mumbai Police is still investigating the death.