Shane and Falguni Peacock's new Kala Ghoda outpost marks Gauri Khan's foray into fashion retail space |

Kala Ghoda officially welcomed two new fashion players in its home: Gauri Khan, and Shane and Falguni Peacock. Partners in life and work, the Peacocks hosted the red carpet launch of their flagship store on Tuesday night, and everyone wore their designs, including Mrs Gauri Khan.

"This is my first fashion project," informs the interior designer, casting a quick smile at the throw cushions with feather details perched on a Victorian chair. "They look insanely good!" she says, cueing Shane.

In This Image: Gauri Khan
Khan is not new to imagining interior spaces. She has masterminded her own mansion at Mannat, designed homes for Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, offices, restaurants and bars across the country, and Alia Bhatt's vanity van.

"Seven years ago, when I had opened my first store at Khar, Shane and Falguni were the only designers who had come for the launch. Designing their store has been exciting… actually, it has been too much fun," says Khan.

The Peacocks always desired the Kala Ghoda address for their flagship store, but it took them four long years to find one that fit their preference — size-wise — that would accommodate the label's signature styles of opulent couture gowns, bridal wear, sarees, and a limited menswear edition, without crowding it. "We were not interested in smaller spaces," says Falguni, candidly. "Our New Delhi space is 6,000 square feet, how could we compromise on anything lesser for Mumbai? It's our home."

"If you look at the façade of the store, you will notice we've retained its inspiring heritage structure, but once you step inside, it's all about Shane and Falguni.

The interiors are not imposing, but intimate to convey what they love and stand for. Usually at a retail store, you have to cater to multiple client tastes with the product range, so this is their way of manifesting their personal style. I hope that any client who walks into this space will go back with at least one outfit — that's the whole plan," Khan says.

When Khan was approached by the designer duo, the first thing she proposed, un-ironically, was: "We have to use peacocks!"

When Khan was approached by the designer duo, the first thing she proposed, un-ironically, was:
"For me, it was difficult to accept some design suggestions, like adding the peacock motif. We have never used it — ever — and now, it's on the pink door at the entrance, atop the fireplace… though conveyed subtly," says Shane, breaking into a chuckle.