Beefcakes of Bollywood |

A look at the best bods in business!

Ajay "Toughie" Devgan

In This Image: Ajay Devgan
He's tough. He's mean. He's got a great muscular body that can scare off meanest of goons. Here's Ajay Devgan aka Singham for you.

John Abraham

John Abraham
In This Image: John Abraham
The image of "a wet and beefy John emerging out of water on the coast of Miami" is one that remains imprinted on every female mind to this day. It's been a while since Dostaana, but women still lust after this hunk.

Salman "Shirtless" Khan

In This Image: Salman Khan
Salman is the hottest star in business currently. But he is also one of the hottest bods in B-Town. He has inspired millions of Indians to get into gymming and working out. His phenomenal physique is an important part of the charming persona he has. We love to watch him - both with and without the shirt!

Hritik's Fab Abs

Hritik's Fab Abs
In This Image: Hrithik Roshan
Hritik  is the answer to every woman's dreams. With that chiselled face and his sculpted body, he can put any Greek God to shame!

Akshay "Khiladi" Kumar

In This Image: Akshay Kumar
He's the bad boy every woman would love to see onscreen and offscreen. His rustic charm, goofy humor and toned body make him the perfect beefcake for ladies.