Rabina is quite a good looking woman, more so when she really dresses up nice. Yet when she looks at a girl with sexy legs in shorts or in a short skirt, she can’t help feeling jealous. She envies girls who have lovely long legs that can melt any heart! 

Is there a Rabina within you? Do you also yearn to shed the kilos off your thighs and get sexy hot pins? Not everyone can have long legs, but everyone can have sexy legs for sure. All you need is a little motivation and lots of hard work. Working on shaping your legs is just hard work, but you will see the results in just a couple of months. 

Your “sexy legs” workout should comprise a few exercises listed below.

1. High intensity cardio is a basic workout that you should do to lose weight. It is advisable to do cardio at least a few times every week to keep your heart in good health.

2. Squats are the Holy grail for shapely thighs. Do as many as you can! Keep your feet hip width apart and bend your knees as you go down. Make sure your back is straight as you do squats. As you get comfortable with squats, you can increase the instensity by increasing reps, or holding the squatting position, or by holding dumbells in your hands as you do squats.

3. Lunge Walking is another great exercise for legs. Hold dumbells in your lands and take one leg forward as you bend the other knee, making the thigh parallel to the ground. Lunge walking for 30 minutes is a great investment in toning up your thunder thighs.

4. Lie Down Cycling is Baba Ramdev’s solution to flabby thighs, and it works like magic. Lie down on your back and roll your legs in air as if you were cycling. You can start with as less as 5 minutes and go up till whatever your body is comfortable with.

These exercises are enough to help you shed the fat off your thighs if you really work hard at the. Enjoy working your legs!

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