You must have come across images with model showing off their fabulous white henna designs. These white henna designs sure look lovely, especially on darker skin tones. Have you ever considered getting one?

What is White Henna? White henna is actually a misnomer simply because there is no henna in it. Henna is only of one kind – the traditional brown/orange hue that stains our palms, nails and even hair! Everything else is man made aka chemicals! So white henna is not really henna and is pure chemicals. It is made of substances like acrylic paint, tempera paint, nail polish, bleach etc. Does this sound like something you would like to paint your body with? White henna is like a temporary tattoo, it looks nice when you get it but it starts to wear off in a day or so. Any exposure to water or high temperature will make the white henna wear off quicker than otherwise. The life of these tattoos is 2-4 days. If you are still thinking of getting one, try to get rid of it within a few hours so that the exposure to toxins is as less as possible.

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