So now you have the sexy little black dress, and those alluring stilettos. But your wardrobe still lacks a few important pieces. A good pair of jeans, for instance!

Now, don’t get all worked up! We know you do possess more than one pair of jeans. Who doesn’t? But can you say with confidence that you have a great pair of blue jeans that you look SMASHING in? Most women wear jeans as an all purpose garment, without putting much effort into buying a pair. So here’s the lowdown on jeans, and how to buy the RIGHT pair:

Why Wear Jeans?

Jeans or denims started out as rough and tough work wear for sturdy men. But they have a long way since then. Denims are Number One item where it comes to fashion. Not only do we wear them as denim pants called jeans, we own denim shirts, jackets, bags and even shoes! Denim is hot because you can wear jeans to parties, casual outings, shopping, trekking, basically anywhere except a formal setting.

Parameters For Choosing Jeans

There are a variety of factors to be considered before you invest in a pair of jeans that you will wear for years.

1. Size: Jeans are usually measured by waist size. The right size for any body frame is one that is most comfortable. So try on a couple of sizes in the style you want, before you make your pick. Your jeans should be comfortable while standing, sitting, lying down, walking etc.

2. Length: Jeans can be worn as cpris or as pants. When worn as pants, you can have an ankle length or the regular length. Ankle length jeans look great on slim women, and are very trendy this season.

3. Fabric: Denim can be extremely tough and also extremely soft. Tough denims do soften over a period of time and use. But most women prefer to wear softer varieties. The fabric also determines the cost of your pair of jeans.

4. Boot Cut: These pairs have a slight flare on the bottom of the legs. This style works best for women who have a pear shaped body. The flare at the bottom evens out the wide hips visually.

5. Narrow Leg: The narrow legged jeans are back in vogue. This style looks great only on women who have slim bodies. The hourglass figure is best suited to sport this style. Apple or pear shaped bodies do not work well with this style.

6. Low Rise Vs. High Waist: The low rise jeans have been in fashion for the last couple of years. But the high waist is making a comeback. The low rise jeans look good only on women with slim torsos. If you have a big tummy, you may end up looking like a muffin top with your belly hanging out of the waistband of your jeans. On the other hand, the high waist jeans are very figure forgiving.

7. Stretch Jeans: The stretch variety is very popular with women. Though these do not last as long as the rigid fabric, they are very flexible and figure forgiving. But be careful when you buy a stretch pair. Because of their elasticity, it may be easier to get into a pair when you try it on, but it is not necessarily your right size!

8. Color: BLUE is the basic. Everyone MUST have a pair of classic blue jeans. Apart from that, just take your pick. But remember, darker colors are slimming. So if you need some optical illusions to look slim, go for dark blue, black, olive green etc.

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