Different women have different personalities, different tastes and different body types. So obviously, every woman’s wardrobe contains different stuff. Your wardrobe describes your personality and tells more about you than you think.

But there are some classic clothes or shoes that EVERYONE absolutely MUST have. These are called “wardrobe must haves”. In this series of articles, we will cover a few of wardrobe must haves for women. The first one is the ultimate classic, The Little Black Dress. You must have seen it, even if you didn’t know it’s called that!

The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress, or the “LBD” is an extremely classy and versatile piece of garment. Fashion designers, celebrities and models, all swear by this single dress than can be worn almost everywhere. The simple rule of dressing for an evening out is, “When in doubt, choose the LBD”. The best thing about the LBD is that there’s a style for everyone. If you have never tried one on because you don’t have the figure, here’s news for you. There’s an LBD for everyone, you just need to find yours. Here are a few variations of the LBD that are suitable for different moods, occasions or body types. Find out which one suits you the best:

The Pencil

This ultra fitted dress is for those lovely ladies who have a beautiful figure, and want to flaunt it. It fits the body closely and shows off all your curves in a way that’s bound to get you second looks, and thirds, and fourths.

The Balloon

This is a dress for the beautiful women who have something to hide. A paunch, for example? The dress balloons out just under the bust line. Though you can hide away love handles and a paunch under this dress, it should not be confused with a tent. This is as sexy as you can get. Show off your lovely legs with a short black dress. Go for a plunging neckline to draw attention away from the generous curves.

The Halter

A Halter necked dress is great for women who want to show off lovely arms and shoulders. Match with a lovely pair of danglers and high heels. Halter necks do not require much adornment.

Wide Belt

If you have a slim waist and are proud of it, why not show it off at a party? Wear an LBD with a wide silver belt at the waist. For this, you need a dress with plaits from the waist down. Match with the right shoes and you are all set to rock the party!

Not So Little

If you think your legs are a little too flabby to show off, you can get another longer version of the LBD. Depending on your preference, you can choose a knee length or a calf length dress. Don’t forget the heels!

You can also experiment with the “single shoulder” or the “off shoulder” variations. The LBD is a great wear for parties. Just remember to not go overboard with the accessories. For a classy look, “less is more”.

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