Babies are cute, babies are innocent, babies are tender and babies are very very amusing. But all these heart melting feeling go into the drain when you begin a long trip with your baby… spacially on a tiring road trip! Handling babies on a road trip can be tough, specially because they come with a BIG question of safety around them! All you need to do is take care of certain very small things that you usually ignore on a normal course of journey.

Plan frequent stops for nursing, feeding or diaper changing. Like us, babies can get cramped and uncomfortable when they are in car seats for long periods of time. But unlike us, they have not yet learnt to adjust or tolerate with some patience. Plus, they are also not aware that about when this journey is going to end!

Bring toys that you can attach to the car seat. This will keep your baby busy nad distracted during most of the journey. And it will ensure that the toys dont keep dropping down, annoying the little one, and bringing with it germs, everytime you pick them up!

The best way to avoid annoying your baby is to try and travel during times when the baby is likely to be asleep. So, you can even travel at night, as long as the driver is well-rested and alert!

Pack some restful music, perhaps something that is soothing for children! True, the little one is not sensible enough to develop a taste for music, but science has proved that soothing music can keep baby from crying and keep them at peace. Also, music can help keep everyone else calm during fussy times!;)

Try to travel during the cooler parts of the day, and protect your child from heat and glare by bringing an adjustable sunshade that you can move to different windows as the sun moves.

Pack lots of plastic bags to hold dirty diapers, used baby wipes, soiled clothes or garbage. You know how much crap a baby is capable of producing, specially on long journeys!

A little bit of care will go a long way in keeping your sweetheart happy and you, at peace during the long journey…

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