Are you bored with how plain and simple your home looks?

Do you seek change? 

Do you feel envious when you visit the lovely new home of a friend?

If yes, this article is for you.

Giving your home a makeover is certainly much cheaper than buying a brand new home. But what’s more, it can be done on a budget and can be a quick project if you find the right people to help you. Since Diwali is round the corner now, it is time to spruce up your abode, give it a snazzy new look and dazzle all your friends!

Tips for Redecorating

– Start with the paint. Purples, grays, blues and violets are in. These colours look very stylish without being too jarring. The 2 colors you should stay away from are yellow (any shade of it) and red. Opt for different color schemes for different parts of your home.

– You can dress a new home by simple changing the flooring. These days we have so many options in the stores. Laminates with a wooden look are very attractive and they are not too pricey either. Ceramic tiles and marble are really old fashioned now. So go to a furnishing store and check out the latest trends and styles.

– The most important job is done!

– If you are considering changing the furniture, go for new styles. Straight lines and angular cuts look great. Avoid pieces that are too ornate or have curves on them. Be bold with your choice of colors. A red couch will look awesome if your walls are violet or gray.

– Decorations can also make or mar the look of a room. If you have kept a modern look in your home with the paint, floor and furniture, the decorations should be modern too. Pick out pieces that showcase your personal style. Do not attempt to buy it all on one day. Be patient and only buy a piece when it appeals to you. Choose modern lighting, paintings and other pieces.

– Now get ready to invite people and get some compliments!

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Lavanya Mehra


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