If you are prone to dandruff, winter is the season when this malady is at its worst. Dry scalp gets even itchier as the dandruff worsens in winter season. How do you get rid of it for good? For some people medicated shampoos become an every day thing just to keep this medical problem in control. Are there any other ways to deal with the issue? Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff 1. Check your stress levels. Like many other health issues, dandruff is related to how stressed a person is. 2. Rub your scalp with lemon juice or with apple cider vinegar. Wash with any regular shampoo after 15-20 minutes. This improves the immunity of your skin to the fungal infections. 3. Use a brush regularly. Brushing your hair 3 times a day helps in distributing the oil from scalp to the length of hair. This reduces the dandruff. 4. Avoid using hair dryer and chemical based products as these lead to excessive dryness of the scalp. 5. Try to eat a natural diet that is wholesome and nutritious. Avoid trans fats and processed food items. With these tips, you can certainly contain your dandruff problem.

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